Why we believe in MOCI

MOCI was initiated and co-created by a pan-European team of cultural, social and youth organizations informal networks. Starting 2019 in the Western Balkans and 2020 in South-Caucasus we seek to connect and transcend cultural constraints, eliminating digital divides, creating common vocabularies and access to open knowledge within and across our regions.

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We are strongly committed to a needs-based and community-oriented development of actions. Our conceptual thinking, regional experiences and professional skills shall ensure a long-term and intense impact of this network for critical thinking and creative education measures.

We support sustainable and hybrid forms of social innovation and creative activism by a selected variety of actions and tools for empowering young citizens. We believe that exchange and co-creation are of fundamental importance in moving towards free and open societies. Our particular focus is on identifying and designing mechanisms that enable well-being, reconciliation and foster resilience in (post-) conflict and transitional post-socialist societies.

Regional Context​

MOCI South-Caucasus​

In the South-Caucasus we are currently implementing our first activities. With MOCI provide an innovative and responsive space empowering rural grassroots, youth, and creative activists to thrive in following their local visions in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The specific adaptation of MOCI concepts as hybrid spaces of floating knowledge and organic network weaving are expected until the end of 2021 and to be continued next year by focusing on prototyping.

MOCI Balkans​

With the support of the Culture of Solidarity Grant of the European Cultural Foundation MOCI connected creatives and activists and their local communities in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro that are put under pressure by the current COVID-19 crisis, as their work has been already difficult and underfinanced before. Through thematic knowledge exchanges and co-creation, an emergent network of young progressive actors is woven across borders that reinforce solidarity and future collaboration. In June 2021 18 Organizations met for a co-creation retreat, founding the MOCI Balkans network.

By introducing MOCI to different local actors and contexts we want to empower rural and vulnerable communities through a specific blended learning environment especially for young people, providing resources and tutorials for direct collaborations finding solutions for local and shared challenges.


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