Mobile Open Culture and Innovation (MOCI) Balkans is a
regional network of community builders working collaboratively toward just and equal societies in which everyone can thrive. We encourage and contribute towards the creation and the developmentof sustainable and resilient communities in the Balkans.


We are an emergent network of organizations in the Balkans who
stand together for an evolving set of principles that guide our common actions. In order to preserve the flexibility and energy of the network we are going to periodically review and further develop this set of principles we depart from.

We believe that:

Co-creation is fundamental for generating meaningful regional activities

Transparency is the basis for continued and trustful collaboration

Flexibility is key for accommodating multiple visions and perspectives and for thedevelopment of a diverse and peaceful region

Dynamics between member organizations are horizontal in order to enable contributions from all members of the network and to create an inclusive space for collaboration

Disciplinary and thematic diversity is the basis for innovation and inclusivity

Interculturality and openness to other ways of life are essential for acquiring a deeper understanding of the region and its particularities

Sharing experiences and learning together are the basis for common understandings of the challenges the region faces and for identifying resources and impactful and innovative solutions

Co-creating spaces where we can express ourselves and have the patience to understand each other is essential in regards to all strategic and specific activities of MOCI, therefore we aspire to periodically co-create such a space for reviewing and further developing this set of principles

Open and co-created resources are vital for the empowerment and capacity building of our network members and their communities.

How do we function?

MOCI is an evolving regional network providing space
for diverse organizations, initiatives, and changemakers. We value the interaction among our members and co-create flexible formats of working together.

We strive to maintain a lean organizational and digital structure that is based on minimum requirements (basic communication, secretariat, emerging circles) for functioning and further development of the network.

We align our individual and collective needs and objectives and self-organize in circles around them to design and develop commons.

What do we do?

MOCI works toward a more connected Balkan region by facilitating mobility and exchange. In keeping with that spirit, MOCI aims at strengthening CSOs and community capacities, through peer-learning, supporting various forms of engagement, collaboration, and co-creation. 


We create and share resources within the network and provide open access to the broader public through different formats. We explore ways of collaboration and development of regional ties within local civil societies to address collective traumas, fostering peace-building initiatives and further work on prevention of conflicts.

Have a look at the MOCI community map to find out who we are!


Helping in our Growth and Development

MOCI seeks to support sustainable and hybrid forms of social innovation and creative activism by a selected variety of actions and tools for empowering young citizens. We believe that exchange and co-creation are of fundamental importance in moving towards free and open societies. Our particular focus is on identifying and designing mechanisms that enable well -being, reconciliation, and foster resilience in (post -) conflict and transitional post- socialist societies.

The pilot phase of MOCI Balkans was supported by the Culture of Solidarity Grant of the European Cultural Foundation.

The project phase in the Balkans is implemented in collaboration with the Seeds of Sustainability (SOS) project by the European Network of Cultural Centres .This project invites cultural centre s to take swift action on climate change and shares inspiring projects and initiatives.

This project is implemented in collaboration with the Seeds of Sustainability (SOS) project by the European Network of Cultural Centres.This project invites cultural centres to take swift action on climate change and shares inspiring projects and initiatives.