Creopia, Armenia


Sashka Avanyan is a social entrepreneur and filmmaker. She studied philosophy at the University of McGill where she simultaneously started a career in video editing. Born in Houston, Texas but raised in Moscow, Russia until the age of 15, after which she resided in Canada for 8 years. In may of 2018 Sashka moved to Armenia, after being a volunteer there for 10 months, and in January of 2019  co-founded Creopia, a visual arts production company with a mission for reversing rural creative brain drain.

In the South-Caucasus we are currently preparing our first activities, collaborate online on shaping commons and resources and start in July 2021. With MOCI we provide an innovative and responsive space empowering rural grassroots, youth and creative activists to thrive in following their local visions in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The specific adaptation of MOCI concepts as hybrid spaces of floating knowledge and organic network weaving is expected until end of 2021.


Creopia is a young social business delivering value aligned content (video, animation, graphic design services) to purpose driven organizations while empowering youth to use their talents in visual arts to prompt local social change. Based in Vanazdor Creopia faces daily challenges of post-industrial challenges, but the founders of Creopia see their city as an emerging arts hub for rural communities facilitating creative exploration for youth.