NVO Munja, Montenegro


Tina Kuzman is a creative producer, video editor and co- founder of ngo Munja in Podgorica (Montenegro). As a coordinator of creative education projects for youth such as Visual Poetry Book (where kids are mentored to create music videos for poetry they choose to read) or 3D Classroom project (where kids learn 3D printing technology by being part of a game Kideville- imagine and create your city), she has seen the power of kids perspectives on lives of adults. Tina wants to keep doing creative education for kids using different mediums, technology and traditional ways of expression and to find great teachers worldwide and connect them.

Under the umbrella of the initial project collaboration in 2020 and 2021 called “Perisphere – culture now°here” MOCI connects creatives and activists and their local communities in non-urban blind spots in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro that are put under pressure by the current COVID-19 crisis, as their work has been already difficult and underfinanced before. Through thematic knowledge exchanges and co-creation an emergent network of young progressive actors is woven across borders that reinforces solidarity and future collaboration.


NGO MUNJA was created as an initiative of people who first started the company Open Box in Podgorica. Connecting the business side and the educational impact, Munja offers today a unique platform to young people in Montenegro to be involved and participate in the production and education within creative industries. From the “3D Classroom” to educational workshops in film and photography, provides a variety of opportunities to the local community.