CCA Tbilisi, Georgia


Wato Tsereteli is an artist, curator and author. He successfully graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 1998 and was an Associate Professor of Media Arts at Tbilisi Fine Academy when he initiated the Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi in 2009 as an international educative and cultural platform. Since 2012 Wato Tsrereli has become initiator, co-curator and artistic director of Tbilisi International Triennial.

In the South-Caucasus we are currently preparing our first activities, collaborate online on shaping commons and resources and start in July 2021. With MOCI we provide an innovative and responsive space empowering rural grassroots, youth and creative activists to thrive in following their local visions in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The specific adaptation of MOCI concepts as hybrid spaces of floating knowledge and organic network weaving is expected until end of 2021.



CCA Tbilisi is a community-based institution working towards contextualization of contemporary culture in Georgia driven by innovation for social change. Inspired by the concept of ‘Social Sculpture’ CCA implemented an informal master program called Creative Mediation and has realised more than 150 exhibition and events. While education remains at the core of its practice activities the center covering following directions: exhibition practice, research, residence program, Triennial, consulting and other services.